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Rebecca Clem - Personal Trainer
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Kevin Rail - Personal Trainer I Wellcoach
Summer Groth - Kinesiologist, Sports Performance and Wellness Coaching
Dell Farrell - Certified Personal Trainer
Joanna Fraska - Personal Trainer
Melissa Royle-Guimaraes - Personal Trainer | Nutrition Advisor
Genevieve Rene - Personal Trainer
Helena Philippou - Personal Trainer
Sarah Juggins - Sports journalist
Rose Scott - Personal Trainer I Health Coach
Ruth Sebastian Alonso - Nutritionists | Specialist in Obesity & Diabetes
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A dynamic piyo workout you will want to do over and over again

Plyometrics, (or Plyo for short) is a type of training that used to be restricted to the realms of athletes, mainly due to the general ignorance of gym goers who thought it wouldn’t do much for them. Basically plyometric training involves exerting maximal concentric force through a muscle group in... Read more »

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Scale new heights to fitness

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